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Rob Hinton - Mastering Engineer

Mesa Recording Studios and Rob Hinton have just become part of the Mastered for iTunes providers list that ensures the highest quality (High Definition) Masters created specifically for iTunes Plus & Apple Music. 
(Only Masters that come from Mastering providers on the iTunes list may submit the High Definition Masters to both iTunes Plus & Apple Music.)
Rob has been consistently Mastering in multiple genres for the last several years after stints of doing it here and there for independent producers.
"It all started when clients and friends would bring in their Mastered product from other Mastering Houses and weren't happy with the results and wanted to see if I could improve the quality.  So, I started Re-Mastering the "Mastered" products, which is pretty ridiculous, and did get better results.  Sometimes I would just have to go back to the final mixes and start over because the previous Mastering Engineer butchered the song beyond repair.
I believe the goal in Mastering is NOT to make the frequencies 'flat' on the spectrum analyzer.  The goal is to make the mix be a better and more exciting version of what it is, not to beat all the life out of it, make it loud as hell, flat and unexciting!" - Rob

Latest Mastering Projects - Mastered by Rob:

Ladykiller - (to be released...)

Eagle Claw - (to be released...)

Duel - Witchbanger

Duel - Fears of the Dead

Murali Coryell - Restless Mind

Bull Y Los Bufalos - Road Less Traveled

Inch of Dark - Solace

Wild Bill and the Lost Knobs

Many more...

Recording, Mixing & Mastering - Purpose Built Studio Facilities in Austin, Texas
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