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Rob Hinton - Mix Engineer

Send Rob your tracks via hard drive or file transfer service, he'll mix them and send you the final mixes.
Rob has been Engineering for over 20 years and has worked with artists in Los Angeles and Austin such as Michael Jackson, Korn, Tony Levin, Macie Grey, Tom Morello, 3rd Strike, Murali Coryell, Ernie Durawa, Will Knaak, Ben Jones & Andrea MaGee (Beat Root Revival), Bull Y Los Bufalos, Chris Alcaraz, Skunk Manhattan, AGR, Quartershackle, Jeff Henson, Daves Not Here, Crashkill Six, Loss Rayne, Old World Kings, Prometheus Tree and many more.
At his newer facilities, Mesa Recording Studios, Rob has been mixing albums for clients hailing from all over the world, including Spain, Ireland, England, New York, Nashville and California.  Artists are able to send in multi-track material (whether that be a hard drive or file transfer) from wherever they are and Rob can mix the material and upload the mixes back to the client.
"It's great that the artist can continue creating and touring while I mix  here at Mesa.  We're able to work together remotely at this stage, and once everyone is happy with the mixes, I print them and we are on to Mastering." - Rob 
Recording, Mixing & Mastering - Purpose Built Studio Facilities in Austin, Texas
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